Document at Post-Exit (The Gardens of Liminality), Tromsø, September 2020

Projection, 210 x 360 cm

  • HD Videos  on 17" LCD Screens

    Steel Bench, 230 x 45 cm

    Aluminium Stand, 120 x 33cm

Document at O'Learys, Tromsø, March 2019

Exhibition Poster, Inkjet Print, 420x594 cm

Document at Prostneset Port, Tromsø, December 2018

Projection on White Tarpaulin, 3,8X5,7m

 1.000 Steps at LhGWR, The Hague, June 2018

  • Plexi Sheet (0,5x100x160cm), Duraclear Print

    Fuji FP-100 Polaroid (8,5x10,5cm)  Cardboard (0,3x19x24,5cm)

    Wallpaper 2,77x4,75m

Waiting for Paul at Fotofestival Naarden, Naarden , May 2017

Custom Printed Magnets (7x7cm) 504 Pieces

  • Studio Set Up

1.000 Steps at Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam, March 2017

polaroids ▷

Carne Vale at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, June 2015

Digitial C. Print (21x29,7cm) 108 Individual Pieces